Let’s take a deep dive into our core! CORE EN is the perfect combination of strong biblical teaching, practical exercises and the deepening of your personal relationship with God.


CORE EN is every Christian’s essential study package that dives deep into the Bible, its interpretation and the Christian worldview. All of this inevitably leads to growth in your spiritual life and faith. CORE EN offers the same content as CORE 1.0 but the courses are taught in English and the class is international.


CORE EN kicks off in Helsinki starting January 2018. Helsinki CORE EN is designed to serve anyone interested in Bible studies and improving their English language skills. Though the teaching will be in English the students can choose to write the assignments in Finnish.

Course studies are diverse and take place in various educational settings. They include both teamwork exercises and practical lessons. Church visits and weekly chapel services give you a chance to train for serving in church. Your responsibilities can cover, for example, leading praise and worship, doing sound mixing, preparing dramas and holding Sunday school.


The weekly schedule is composed of morning classes (4 hrs/day) and, in addition, many other activities that facilitate learning in groups and independently. According to your own interests, you can choose to concentrate on media, music or leadership and management. All teaching is provided in English.

See the course descriptions here.

See the weekly schedule here.


You can study on CORE EN for a full academic year, taking part in both the autumn and spring semesters, or you can choose to participate in only one semester if that suites you better. The courses and themes of each semester of course focus on slightly different topics, so we would recommend for students to study on the CORE EN for the entire year.


CORE EN provides you with vital skills for serving your local church better and growing in your personal faith. Your understanding of the Bible will deepen as you familiarize yourself with critical and historical perspectives. The significance of Christian spirituality and God’s calling in your life will be strengthened. You will become well-versed in various ethical questions that the Church faces today in our changing world.


After CORE EN, you can continue to expand your knowledge and go on to study on CORE 2.0 and CORE TELLUS.

You can also include your CORE EN studies in the Alphacrucis degree. If you want to study for a full college degree, you need decide this at the beginning of your studies.


Upon completion you will receive a diploma from your studies. In the spring, the whole college comes together to celebrate the students’ Graduation Day with delicious food and fun programme numbers.


Studying in our Bible College can make you eligible for the Finnish government’s student allowance if you are a Finnish national or residing permanently in Finland. KELA will make this determination based on their own guidelines. For a more specific price list, see our ‘Applications and Fees’ page.