Whether you are preparing for ministry or you just want to grow more in your understanding of the Bible and the Christian faith, CORE EN is for you. The language of the program is English, but students can choose to write the assignments also in Finnish. You can also choose to study without taking graded exams or essays.

You can now apply for CORE EN in Keuruu!
The next semester starts January 12th 2020.


Deepen your Bible knowledge
There are many myths and misunderstandings about how the Bible came together and who decided which books should be in it. CORE EN will help you to correct these misconceptions. You will discover the big picture of God’s salvation history running through the pages of the Old and New Testament. Importantly, you will learn how to apply the timeless principles of the Bible into your own life. You will also gain resources for teaching the Bible in different church settings.

Cultivate a Christian worldview
“What we think shapes who we are”. It’s no wonder then that a major threat facing the church today is bad theological thinking. Bad theology is no small problem. What you believe will influence how you live. The best way to confront bad theology is to cultivate good theology and a Christian worldview. Our worldview literally impacts every aspect of our daily lives, from our work and family life, to hot-button social and cultural issues. CORE EN helps you to develop a distinctly Christian worldview as we explore God’s word and biblical truth together.

Learn to communicate your faith
Let’s be honest: most of us are afraid of evangelism. But what if we have misunderstood what evangelism should look like? We need to dismantle false ideas of evangelism and seek more natural ways to share our faith with our friends and co-workers. CORE EN will help both introverts and extroverts to find their own way of communicating their love for Christ in a way that speaks to people’s hearts and minds. The program will also empower you to equip others to take steps toward becoming an effective evangelist.

Improve your English
Do you feel uncertain when speaking English? Would you like your English to ”flow” more naturally whether you are speaking or writing? CORE EN provides a safe and supporting environment to practice and polish your language skills. Whether you are young or old, it is never too late to master English! The course also helps fluent English speakers to extend their theological vocabulary so they can minister and teach the Bible in English-speaking churches.


CORE EN contains the study units that are needed to complete the first year of a three-year Bachelor of Ministry program that IK College offers in cooperation with Alphacrucis University (Australia). You can study on CORE EN for a full academic year, or you can choose to study for one semester only.

Fall semester
BIB102 Introduction to Israel's Scriptures
MIN101 Introduction to Pastoral Ministry
RES101 Introduction to Academic Writing and Research
THE101 Christian Worldview

Spring semester
BIB103 Introduction to the New Testament
MIN102 Christian Spirituality
HIS101 History of Christianity
THE201 Christian Ethics


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Please note, that non-EU students are not legally eligible for a residence permit on the basis of studying at a College level (secondary level). However, the situation is different, if you are already living permanently in Finland and have received a residence permit based on other issues.


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