Let’s take a deep dive into our core! CORE EN is the perfect combination of strong biblical teaching, practical exercises and the deepening of your personal relationship with God. The language of the course is English, but students can choose to write the assignments in Finnish. You can also choose to study without taking graded exams or essays.

On CORE EN you can…

#1 Deepen your Bible knowledge
There are many myths and misunderstandings about how the Bible came together and who decided which books should be in it. CORE EN will help you to correct these misconceptions. You will discover the big picture of God’s salvation history running through the pages of the Old and New Testament. Importantly, you will learn how to apply the timeless principles of the Bible into your own life. You will also gain vital resources for teaching the Bible in different church settings from small groups to Sunday services.

#2 Cultivate a Christian worldview
Heresies – old and new – often result from bad theological thinking. In fact, many Christians cannot explain how their faith differs from that of Mormons or Jehovah’s Witnesses. Unbelievers and believers alike are also baffled by the Christian claims that Jesus is both man and God and that God is somehow one and three at the same time. CORE EN brings you to the foundations of the Christian faith. You will learn that theology is not only ”head knowledge”. Rather, our worldview has serious implications on how we approach cultural issues such as immigration, homosexual marriage, or climate change.

#3 Communicate your faith
Let’s be honest: most of us are afraid of evangelism. But what if we have misunderstood what evangelism should look like? We need to dismantle false ideas of evangelism and seek more natural ways to share our faith with our friends and co-workers. CORE EN will help both introverts and extroverts to find their own way of communicating their love for Christ in a way that speaks to people’s hearts and minds. The program will also empower you to equip others to take steps toward becoming an effective evangelist.

#4 Learn the story of the global church
In the New Testament we see how the Gospel reached the whole Roman Empire. But what happened after that? After all, Jesus told his followers to ”make disciples of all nations”. CORE EN will draw you into the story of the Christian church, from the early martyrs who died for their faith to the Medieval kings who sought to make slaves of all nations. You will gain a clear picture of what really happened in the Crusades and why the church separated into thousands of branches from Catholics to Charismatics. You will understand why the Reformation happened exactly 500 years ago and how the West lost its Christian heritage. These historical insights will help you to evaluate contemporary movements and understand how we as 21st century Christians are connected to the long line of saints that went before us .

#5 Improve your English
Do you feel uncertain when speaking English? Would you like your English to ”flow” more naturally whether you are speaking or writing? CORE EN provides a safe and supporting environment to practice and polish your language skills. Whether you are young or old, it is never too late to master English. The course also helps fluent English speakers to extend their theological vocabulary so they can minister and teach the Bible in English-speaking churches.


Lari Launonen
· Master of Theology (University of Helsinki)
· Writing a ThD dissertation dealing with psychology and religion
· Freelance journalist
· Pastor in a multi-ethnic church in Helsinki for 8 years
· Former rock musician (Jacks of all trades, Frail)
· Blogger (Järki käteen) and a podcast host (Areiopagi podcast)

Samuel Tedder
· Studied theology in Finland, Canada and the UK:
     · PhD in Theology (Durham University, UK), New Testament studies
     · MCS in Biblical Studies (Regent College, Vancouver)
     · MTh in Ministerial Studies (Iso Kirja / Wales)
· 9 years of pastoral experience in California, Vancouver and Jyväskylä
· Connected to missions (Nepal; board member in media missions organization – Keymedia)
· Family man, father of 4 children
· Native speaker of English and Finnish

Stephen Wallace
· Missionary to Finland with Assemblies of God (USA)
· English Ministry Leader at Helsinki Saalem
· Master of Theology in Practical Theology (Facultad de Teologia, Argentina)
· Served as President, Academic Dean and Professor in a Bible School in Argentina for 13 years
· Helped develop a church plant in a Spanish-speaking congregation in New Jersey (USA)
· Has served on a number of educational committees in Latin America in connection with the Assemblies of God.


CORE EN 2018 in Helsinki includes the following courses:

· Introduction to the Bible
· Christian Worldview
· History of Christianity
· Communicating the Christian Faith

See the course descriptions here.

The weekly schedule is composed of 25 lectures (5 hrs/day) during morning hours.
See the weekly schedule here.


You can study on CORE EN for a full academic year, taking part in both the autumn and spring semesters, or you can choose to participate in only one semester if that suites you better. The courses and themes of each semester of course focus on slightly different topics, so we would recommend for students to study on the CORE EN for the entire year.


After CORE EN, you can continue to expand your knowledge and go on to study on CORE 2.0 and CORE TELLUS.

You can also include your CORE EN studies in the Alphacrucis degree. If you want to study for a full college degree, you need decide this at the beginning of your studies.


Upon completion you will receive a diploma from your studies.


Studying in our Bible College can make you eligible for the Finnish government’s student allowance if you are a Finnish national or residing permanently in Finland. KELA will make this determination based on their own guidelines. For a more specific price list, see our ‘Applications and Fees’ page.


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