At Iso Kirja you can study for a degree or for your edification. Many students opt to study in CORE EN or to participate in FolLOW Discipleship School. Even the shorter programmes offer a great opportunity to reflect upon your future and get some answers in finding your unique path in God’s plans.

In addition to IK College studies, you have a chance to be awarded an Australian degree of higher education via Alphacrucis College. Iso Kirja is one of AC’s official campuses.

Naturally, our main focus is in teaching about the Bible, church ministry and missions, and for that aim we utilize a good mix of e.g. group work, practical learning and lessons. You can also choose to study as an auditor.

Study Programmes


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Take the step!

DURATION: 1-2 semesters (0,5 - 1 academic year)
FOCUS: The Bible, Christian ethics, evangelism
PURPOSE: The first year of academic studies; getting a deeper knowledge of Bible interpretation and the basics of Christianity


The next CORE EN kicks off in Keuruu or in Helsinki August 2018! Apply now!

CORE EN is a Bible programme designed to help you to grow spiritually while improving your English language skills. At CORE EN you get to study the same subjects than in CORE 1.0 but in English!

After studying the year in CORE EN, you have the keys to serve at your church within different ministries such as a worship leader. You may continue your studies in Finnish and complete a degree in church ministry which enables you to work e.g. as a pastor.

Be bold, take the step!



God is calling!

DURATION: 2 semesters; the first in Bible studying and the second in training
FOCUS: Missions, discipleship
PURPOSE: Finding your calling, being introduced to missions and other cultures

Team Action is a fantastic opportunity to get a view of other cultures. Trying to find the direction in your life and considering God and the Bible is not only permissible, but recommendable! The 1-year-long study programme is taught in co-operation with Fida International (a Finnish Pentecostal missions and development co-operation organization). The programme consists of 4 periods:

  1. On-campus: fall semester in CORE E, CORE 1.0 or FolLOW.

  2. Live Lähetys: a 2-week-long orientation for missions abroad.

  3. Missions: participating in missions in a mission training abroad for half-a-year. The training is organized in groups of 5-8 people where each group has its own mentor.

  4. Wrap-up: a 3-day final training in which the experiences are reflected upon together.

It is also possible to continue Bible and theology studies at Iso Kirja after Team Action programme. The on-campus study period and the training are transferred as part of the chosen degree programme. We offer the degree programmes mainly in Finnish; however, if there are enough English speaking applicants, the programmes may also be offered in English. Furthermore, if you are able to listen to the Finnish teaching, you can always complete all the written course assignments in English.

Team Action leads you to the basic questions of faith and challenges you in an international environment. Get out of your comfort zone and find out what God has in store for you!




DURATION: Fall semester
FOCUS: Bible studying, living out your faith
Finding your own place

FolLOW is a discipleship school that takes you deeper with the Bible, deeper with faith and deeper with yourself. An in-depth Bible teaching challenges you to find more: What do I really believe in? Why do I believe? Is God really something so great that I want to tell about it to others?

FolLOW means half a year of balanced theory and practice which include intensive Bible studying, working in a team and living out faith in different mission fields over the world. There is one thing at its very core: finding your place in God’s plan.


Iso Kirja College offers many other study options e.g. CORE TELLUS and B.Min. and M.A. degree programmes in Church Ministry.

We offer these programmes mainly in Finnish; however, if there are enough English speaking applicants, the programmes may also be offered in English.

Furthermore, if you are able to listen to the Finnish teaching, you can always complete all the written course assignments in English.



Application deadlines

  • Applications for autumn term by July 15. Autumn term starts in August.
  • Applications for spring term by November 25. Spring term starts in January.

We warmly recommend that international students apply to the College well before the final application deadlines.



The main mission and values of Iso Kirja College are based on the Christian faith. Christian worldview and Christian values are integrated in all courses in the syllabus.

We accept applications from students who are 18 years or older, and who are able to finance their studies at the College.

Important notice for overseas applicants: Iso Kirja College is registered as a Finnish folk high school in Finland. The Finnish legislation has certain specific restrictions concerning studying at a folk high school. This means in practice that overseas applicants i.e. non-EU applicants have unfortunately not been able to complete the application process to Iso Kirja due to the strict regulations and difficulties in acquiring a student visa to Finland.

EU citizens are eligible to apply to pursue studies at the College. Moreover, if you are a non-EU citizen but already live permanently in Finland or you have a residence permit to Finland, you are eligible to apply to the studies.

Further questions

Please contact our Academic Secretary:
+358 (0)40 750 0876